Wreck This Journey Wednesdays

Wreck This Journey Wednesdays #1

My mom has always called me her child of many colors, and when the Wreck This Journal: Now in Color edition came out she bought it for me. I’ve been wanting to experience this kind of journal ever since I first saw hers, and so I’m excited to share my progress every Wednesday.

wreck this journey wednesdays

Choosing where to start was interesting. I’m indecisive, so I had trouble choosing. Initially I started with the basic filling out the inside tab with my name and signing the Wreck This Pledge. I also found the page I definitely won’t be filling out: COLLECT DEAD BUGS HERE. As much as I want to embrace filling out the journal and facing my fears of destroying a book I’m not prepared to deal with bugs. Even if I could kill them it would freak me out to have a graveyard of them in my journal.


Flipping through the rest of the pages one finally stood out: COLOR THIS PAGE RED ON PURPOSE. Initially I thought about using different red writing utensils, but then I realized it would be more fun to paint. I pulled out my box of acrylic paints and grabbed all of my reds, plus a metallic copper to mix in some sparkle.


The red turned out great, but I still had a bit of extra paint to work with. I went forward a couple of pages to THIS PAGE IS FOR HANDPRINTS OR FINGERPRINTS. GET THEM DIRTY, THEN PRESS DOWN. I added a bunch of red hand prints and fingerprints as my first layer. I still need to decide what else I want to do with the page. Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like so far.


That’s all I have for now. Come back for more updates next Wednesday! Be sure to check out my Instagram account for more photos from this week’s wreck.


-Breezy Bee

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